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Complete Meal Plan

You will receive a 5 day meal plan for dinners to feed a family of four (and instructions for scaling if you need to).

Easy Grocery List

A printable, done for you grocery list for the week, so you can get in and out of the store in record time.

Detailed Recipes

Printable instructions for each meal in the plan, PLUS daily videos to show how fast and easily these meals can be made.

Do you have trouble finding the time to cook during the week?

Who doesn't? When we're juggling the demands of a full-time job, commute, and kids' activities we need dinner to be handled. NOW. The 5 Day QUICK Cooking Challenge allows you to provide a healthy meal for you and your family in less than 30 minutes.

That's quicker than takeout.

Take the Mental Workload off your plate this week

Once you sign up for the 5 Day QUICK Cooking Challenge, you can free up any brain power you've been devoting to food for the week. I will send you the full meal plan, an easily printable (and customizable) grocery list, and fast prep instructions.

Then each day of the challenge, sit back and relax while I email you detailed instructions on exactly how to make your meals in 30 minutes or less each night.

Devote that extra brain power to the rest of your to-do list. Meals are covered.

Relatable, Step-by-Step Instructions

Even the best made meal plans don't work unless you can IMPLEMENT them. That is why I walk you through each step needed to make these stress-free, easy, and most importantly FAST meals.

Healthy, home-cooked dinners do not have to be a nightly struggle. Learn how easily these mom and kid friendly meals can be!

About the Creator of the Challenge

Hi, I'm Alasen. I'm a full-time working mom of 2 little ones, but with the added twist of food sensitivities and allergies thrown in there. This means that home cooked meals are a requirement for us, not an option.

But my loss is your gain! I had to learn how to get dinner on the table at incredible speeds to keep up with our crazy schedules. I created the challenge after talking with other moms about how they struggle with healthy weeknight dinners for the family.

Now I'm sharing a "how to" meal plan with you, and I hope that it helps to take away some stress you may have for a bit. We all need a little support sometimes, so here it is!

Alasen Zarndt
The Nutrition Doula

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