Hi, I’m Alasen, nice to meet you!

I help women like you reclaim their mental and physical health after having a baby –  so you can feel like yourself again. By focusing on the perfect foods for your unique body and messy “new mommy” life, I can help you make nutrition easy, consistent, and achievable.

This is not about quick-fix formulas or one-size-fits-all solutions. My program is a result of expertise and experience. I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and I am also a mom to two wonderful girls. 

Becoming The Nutrition Doula

I wasn’t a Certified INHC before my pregnancies. I wasn’t even in this industry. But then I had two baby girls, and I learned the hard way just how little support women get postpartum. I knew there had to be a better way to take care of a new mom’s wellbeing than what was available to me at the time. 

Food and eating became so complicated in those pregnant and postpartum phases of my life. I had these weird hormonal cravings, my postpartum body changed so much, brain fog was a daily occurrence. And even when I tried to put in some effort to create a healthy diet for postpartum recovery, it just added stress to my already busy life, triggered postpartum anxiety, and made me sick. 

That wasn’t sustainable and it wasn’t making me healthier or happier. I felt exhausted, weak, and I struggled with my postpartum body. No matter what I tried, I kept losing weight and ended up malnourished. 

Then something happened. I finally built up the courage to ask for advice and support in a mommy group. The answer I got?

“Shut up and eat a cheeseburger.”

This cut me to the core. It was mean, and it hurt. It was not something any struggling woman should hear. But I think unhelpful comments like these are something every mommy struggling with excessive postpartum weight loss or gain faces sooner or later.

I wanted to change that! I wanted to find the best and healthiest diet for the postpartum phase, so nobody else needed to hear those snarky comments or feel completely alone and abandoned in their struggles as I had.

The truth is, there is so little accurate information “out there” about what to eat to maintain a healthy diet for postpartum recovery. What is traditionally taught to be a healthy diet can actually be harmful to you during your postpartum phase. 

So, I dove deep. I explored and learned and studied until I got to that “a-ha!” moment. I get it now. I get what happens, how pregnant and postpartum weight loss works, and what causes all those feelings of exhaustion, mommy-brain, and crazy food cravings. 

Nutrition Doula Philosophy

I don’t want you to drain all your energy and time crafting a healthy diet for postpartum weight loss plus cooking for your family. No foods you can’t pronounce or veggies you’ve never heard of before. 

Nutrition Doula Philosophy is all about using real, everyday foods to care for yourself and your family. You don’t need more stress in your life, so I’ll help you make changes that don’t disrupt your routine too much but still amount to amazing results in the end.

Nutrition Doula Philosophy focuses on getting you back to your ideal weight, but it also helps you have more energy and get stronger without spending hours in the kitchen or gym. The goal is to help you feel like yourself again and have fun while doing it.


The Nutrition Doula philosophy is about using real, everyday foods to care for yourself and your family. I do not endorse quick-fixes, diets, meal replacements, or the like. My focus is on how to help moms and families to stress-free changes that can be small, but amount to big results for your overall health and wellness.