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Welcome Breast Friends Podcast LIsteners!

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Stop breastfeeding cravings, stop breastfeeding hunger, always hungry while breastfeeding

Hi, I'm Alasen

Your Nutrition Doula

A lot of you have been telling me lately about your struggles with losing the baby weight while breastfeeding. You were told the weight would drop off like magic, but it's not happening.

Here's the deal: There are some simple tricks you can use to squash your breastfeeding cravings and start moving your body in the right direction.

All without hurting your milk supply at all.

I made you a little cheat sheet to explain exactly how to squash your breastfeeding cravings for good. 

This cheat sheet will show you: 

✅ What foods you're missing that are driving your hunger up 

✅ How to make sure you can eat well all day long, instead of ending up face first in a box of oreos at 2pm 

✅ Why we need certain extras to support breastfeeding (while still squashing hunger)

✅ How to keep your hormones in check, so you won't mess with your milk supply

✅ What you can do to drop pounds without ever having to count a calorie again 

✅ And lastly, I'll tell you exactly what you can eat to kick your metabolism into overdrive and finally start dropping the excess baggage! 

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What are you waiting for? Let's STOP those breastfeeding cravings today!

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