Make a Salad that Doesn’t Suck

You ever get a salad to try and be “healthy” and look at it and think to yourself, “Well this sucks…”

That’s probably because it did suck. It was probably a shitty little salad. Some iceberg lettuce, a tomato slice, a cucumber slice, and ranch dressing. Maybe a crouton or two.

Total suckage.

But salads DON’T HAVE TO SUCK. Just look at this masterpiece right here ?

So here are the 3 Steps to Making a Non-Sucky Salad:

Vary your lettuce:

Plain old iceberg or romaine alone is boring. Make your salad base a mixture of different lettuces, baby greens, and maybe even some shredded cabbage, brussels sprouts, or carrots. You want variety and texture here!

Add a ton of fresh veggies:

ANY veggie can go on a salad, so add as much as you can. Love jicama? Salad topper. Bell peppers? Salad topper. Beets? Salad Topper. And if you can, dice the veggies into smaller pieces before adding. This helps you to make sure every bite has a little of everything. Can we say flavor explosion?

Add some weight: 

Salads that include a good protein source or whole grain (chicken, beans, legumes, tofu, quinoa, farro, etc) not only taste better; they keep you full. So pick 1-3 of these “heavier” items and top you salad with those.

Voila! You have a much better salad: tasty and full of nutrients your body needs to function.

You’re welcome ?