Free 2 Week Healthy Meal Plan for Busy Moms

Grab this meal plan to take the mental load off for the next couple of weeks. Easy to follow grocery lists, schedule, and recipes that are quick and delicious - this is a must have for busy moms!

Reclaim your time & reduce your stress

This Done For You meal plan has everything you need to make the next 2 weeks a health win for you! Delicious, easy to follow recipes with simple ingredients that  will keep you feeling full, energized, and ready to tackle your busy days. Now you can spend your meal planning time on something more important, like a well deserved nap.

Designed by a busy mom who gets it...

I know what it takes for moms to be able to succeed with their nutrition and healthy goals. And not only because of my education and specialization in women's health. I've actually been there in the trenches: overwhelmed, exhausted, and feeling like a total stranger in my postpartum body.

That's why I created this Meal Plan: to give moms like us a break! For the next 2 weeks, you know that your nutrition needs will be cared for, without having to do the work yourself.

It really does take a village sometimes. 

Alasen  Zarndt

Your Nutrition Doula

Industrial designer

See How Easily You Can Eat Healthy!