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So What *IS* Nutrition Coaching Anyway?

I’ve been having a lot of conversations that go like this lately

Friend: So what’s new with you?
Me: I’ve been going to school for the past year and I’m graduating this month!
Friend: Oh, thats right! What are you studying again?
Me: Integrative Nutrition. When I graduate I’ll be an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!
Friend: Oh… yeah… So what exactly is that?

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is a bit of a mouthful to say, so I often shorten it to Nutrition Coach. But still, most people ask me about what Nutrition Coaching actually is about. “What is the point of that?” “Oh, so you make meal plans?” “Nutrition Coach… Like you cheer for someone eating broccoli?” While I would actually cheer for you eating broccoli if you wanted, that’s not all there is to it.

So what is Nutrition Coaching anyway?

A Nutrition or Health Coach is someone who is an expert in helping people make sustainable changes is their lives to improve their health, and as a result, their overall happiness.

We all have been given basic information about nutrition like “drink more water” or “eat vegetables.” We inherently know that an apple is healthier for us than a cookie. Yet still so many people struggle with choosing to eat the apple instead of the cookie. We know what we should do, but we don’t really know HOW to make it a sustainable habit.

As a Nutrition Coach, I help people actually want to choose the apple over the cookie. I help people learn exactly how much water is “more water” and how to ensure that you do drink the right amount for you. I also help people to cut through the layers and layers of conflicting information and click-bait headlines about nutrition and health, so that they can choose the right things for themselves and their family.


Currently, I work with people in a one-on-one setting. This lets me really get to know my client and the exact struggles they face when it comes to eating a healthier diet. I’m able to taylor any recommendations to make sure they fit easily into their lifestyles. This one-on-one coaching goes over a 6 month period, so that we can make sure the regular challenges people face (like summer cookouts, holiday parties, stressful family visits, trips out of town, etc) come up during the coaching period. This is a key component in making lasting changes and is what sets Nutrition Coaching apart from a “diet” that only lasts for 21 days or whatever small period of time is specified.

I meet with clients for an hour every other week and provide support for the changes they are making during the off-weeks. The results that we have achieved with my first clients have been amazing so far! What I’m finding is that is addition to the health benefits from changing your nutrition habits, my clients are making huge positive changes in other areas of their lives as well. Things like “I never in a million years thought I could give up diet soda, but now I have!” translate into the confidence to go after another non-food goal they “never” thought they could do. I love seeing the positive changes in all areas of their lives as we work together. This has been the most rewarding work I have done!

So if Nutrition Coaching sounds like something that you would benefit from, let me know! I offer completely free, no obligation initial consultations. These are a 50 minute long call (I like to use FaceTime or Skype, so we can see each other) where we go over your health, wellness, and nutrition history and discuss potential goals. These are designed to be sort of like an “interview” to see if you like me and my style and to see if we would work well together.

If you love the initial consultation, and we work well together, you could decide to try one-on-one Nutrition Coaching and see how it transforms your life! I am opening up 7 additional spaces for new clients starting in July 2018. I can’t wait to help some courageous women improve their diets, their health, and their lives in general.

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What a Difference a Year Makes

Its been almost a year since I started this blog and my schooling to become an Integrative Nutrition Coach so I felt like it was time for an update. A year ago, I was excited to get started but also nervous about being able to effectively manage my full-time job, my responsibilities as a mom of 2 little ones, and school all at once. Looking back, that nervous feeling was a good thing since it drove me to sit down and carve out the time for the things that matter – one of which was school.

Last week, one of my school assignments was to reflect on what you have achieved and what you still want to achieve (with respect to becoming an Integrative Nutrition Coach) and I thought it would be great to share this assignment with all of you. I love that it starts with what you have accomplished, which gets you into the right mindset for goal setting (I talked about why this works in this post).

In the last year, I have had a lot of successes. I’ve studied diligently and passed all of the exams for school (by a wide margin – yeay), launched into practicing coaching skills with so many supportive friends and family members, completed all of the school requirements for graduation this May, and obtained my student coaching certification.

I started officially coaching some fabulous women in January of this year. The amount of progress they have made in just 3 months is absolutely amazing. They have given up sodas, started cooking most meals from home, beat sugar addictions, and made other amazing strides in their overall health. But the best thing about coaching is how much I love the work. There is something truly magical about watching another woman make breakthroughs on a regular basis.

Now to let you in on what’s coming over the next year. In June, I’ll be resuming initial health consultations for those who are interested (these are free, so if you’re looking for one drop me a message). Starting in July, I’ll be opening up a 6 month individual nutrition coaching program to 8 new and/or expecting moms. I can’t wait to watch these women achieve amazing life changes to better their health. I’m also working on an 8 week group coaching class that should be released by the end of the year.

In 2019, I’ll keep conducting the 6 month individual coaching sessions (with 10 spaces opening in January) and my 8 week group coaching class will open up. I’m looking forward to working one-on-one with people as well as the fun and dynamic learning environment that we can create through group coaching. It will be hard to top this past year, but I think we will!