THE Story

Shut up and eat a cheeseburger.

Those words cut me to my core. After I had finally worked up the courage to reach out and ask for help. That’s what I got. A vicious and hateful comment.

I was struggling with my postpartum body, feeling like a shell of my former self. Weak, exhausted, waisting away to nothing, and unable to think straight. And to make matters worse, nothing I was trying was helping.

So from a place of fear, shame, and courage to finally be vulnerable; I asked the mom group.

And I got “Shut up and eat a cheeseburger.”

Maybe you’ve gotten “Shut up and eat a salad.”

Or “Get off your lazy ass and go for a run.”

Whatever the comment, I know exactly how hurtful it is. Even years later I still cry when I talk about it.

But that bullshit comment started something incredible. It got me on the road to diving deep into the world of nutrition and biology. Looking for answers about how our postpartum bodies work.

And what I found was not only a solution to my own weight issues, but a solution to ALL postpartum weight issues.

Let me guess, you’ve tried everything under the sun to get back to your ideal weight.

  • Cutting calories
  • Cutting carbs
  • Points systems
  • Proportioned containers
  • Shakes and pills
  • Counting macros

Maybe it worked for a hot minute, but it didn’t last. It stopped working, you plateaued, and now you want to pull your hair out in frustration.

And even while it was working, you probably still felt weak, tired, and like a shell of your former self. Like a zombie mom on the hamster wheel of life. #mombie

What if I told you that it’s not actually about the calories. It’s about the hormones.

When I began researching my postpartum symptoms and weight issues, this was the “ah-ha moment” that changed it all.

Through my education at IIN, I learned exactly how to fix these hormonal issues using food. Actual food that you can get at the grocery store is the key to postpartum healing.

Now, as a nutrition and hormone specialist, I help women just like you every day. Women who:

  • Struggle with getting to and maintaining their ideal weight
  • Are suffering postpartum hair loss
  • Dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety
  • Are going through life as a mombie
  • Couldn’t tell you the last time they felt rested.
  • Moms who know they are a shell of their former selves, and would give anything to feel like THEMSELVES again.

My clients turn into moms who:

  • Get to and easily maintain their ideal weight
  • Get a great night’s sleep (on the regular) and feel rested even with kids waking you up
  • Have the energy to keep up with their demanding jobs and toddlers
  • Banish pregnancy-brain (or mom-brain) for good
  • Find joy in motherhood, their jobs, and their LIFE again

Want to know more about how it all works? Come on over and find a time for us to chat.